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Applebee's Fundraiser: View Fundraiser Information

Applebee's normally does not serve breakfast, they only open for breakfast on two weekends a month to serve the community for fundraisers.

The fundraisers can be run on Saturday or Sunday morning from 8 - 11am.

First plan two or three potential dates, as they may already be booked. Then call the Applebee's in Shirley, NY 631-399-7220 or Patchogue, NY 631-207-5900 and ask to speak with a Manager.

Let them know that your team is a part of Bellport Soccer which is a not-for-profit organization and we can provide a copy of the tax-exempt form on the day of your event. You will have to reach out to one of our board members for a copy prior to the day of your event.

Each family on your team should be responsible for selling (x) number of tickets each. They can certainly give them away if they want but you should get the money for the tickets when you hand them out.

Applebee's collects $4 per ticket/plate when the meal is delivered from the kitchen to the guest. The recommended charge is anywhere from $10 to $13 per ticket/plate.

Worlds Finest Chocolate:

Selling chocolate bars is quick and easy. Who doesn't like chocolate? Contact our sales representatives to order cases of chocolate that cost $30 each for 60 bars. Bars are sold for $1.00 each giving you $30 profit per case.

WFC Resource Guide
WFC Fundraisers Are The Best

Ed Hanley | Fundraiser Specialist
Suffolk County - Oakdale, NY 11769
Cell: 516.429.1067

FlipGive: Visit Website

Team Funding Made Easy!
Earn cash on the things your team is already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Car Wash:

This is probably the most traditional fundraiser that builds team spirit and puts some money in the bank. Among the local spots that allow car washes are - Firestone by Stop and Shop, Royal Oak Diner and all the local fire departments.

Football Boxes:

Thanksgiving and Superbowl provide an easy way to raise funds by creating Superbowl boxes. Simply create a grid of 100 boxes, sell each box and give prize money for half of what was collected. If you sell the boxes for $5.00 each, that's $250 for team funds.

Team Bake Sales:

Contact the Intramural Director for any available Sunday to set up a table and sell coffee, bagels or anything else you like!

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