New Raffle Fundraising Program

Raffles Every Year, SCYSL has asked parents to sell raffle tickets to offset some of our many expenses and to help continue to provide what we consider to be an excellent product to you. In the past, we would distribute tickets, collect, sort, organize tickets and deposit cash and checks. This has been a very labor intensive task. In addition, team parents were asked to collect money, tickets from many families with increasingly busy lives.

Our current system will involve a one time $25 prepayment for your raffle tickets per FAMILY when you register. This should be great news for families with more than 1 player in the program! You will then be given a booklet of SIX(6) tickets. One is yours(free of charge). The other 5 are yours to sell to family, friends, neighbors at $5 each. If you sell all 5 tickets, you keep the $25, recoup your money and simply hand in all 6 completed ticket stubs for entry in the EOY raffle. If you do NOT wish to sell the tickets, simply write in your own name and hand in the tickets for additional chances to win. Additional tickets will be available for purchase to anyone who wants them.

We hope this new process will benefit everyone involved and we THANK you once again for your support!

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