Coaching Guidelines

1. FUN, FUN, FUN - Players should look forward to practice & games.
2. Active - Every player should get the max number of touches on the ball, not standing in wait.
3. Communicate - Be Clear and Precise. Let players know you are in charge and must pay attention
4. Positive - Give plenty of positive reinforcement. Refrain from negativity.
5. Reinforce, Repeat & Develop - Run skill again until all players understand it. Give (fun) soccer homework!
6. Think - as players get older they should be encouraged to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes.
If every child leaves practice with a little knowledge and a big SMILE, you have done your job!

Head Coach

Welcome and THANK YOU for accepting this sometimes difficult but ultimately rewarding position. Here is a brief outline of things you should be prepared for:

- Each team will be comprised of 6-12 players, an asst coach and team parent.
- Games will be played on Sunday mornings. Field and times will be posted on the website.
- You will be given a coach shirt. Please wear it on Sundays. Look and act in a professional manner.
- Fall season begins in September and ends in November. Spring starts in April and ends in June with a Festival.
- You will receive an equipment bag with balls, pinnies, cones, first aid kit and player roster.
- Weekly practice day and time is determined by you! Check with League for permitted times/days.
- Ask your team parent to be the main communicator with the parents. This is not always possible.
- Train your PARENTS! From day 1, let them know ALL players are expected to be on time with: cleats tied, shin guards under their socks, properly inflated ball and water bottle/drink. No casts or earrings are allowed.

Coaching in game:

- Do MOST of your coaching in practice so they are prepared for game. On Sunday, let kids play. Do not shout all game.
- REFEREES are not to be abused by you, any of your parents or any of your players!
- Everyone should understand a ball is out of play or a score when the ENTIRE ball crosses the line.
- Do your best to rotate players in all positions (including goalie) in games during the season.
- Coach from sidelines. Do not go on field during play. Parents are not permitted to coach goalies behind the net.
- If a player is hurt during game (from either team) all players take a knee and clap when the injured player gets up.
- Line up and high five other team after the game.
- Help bring nets/flags back & clean up field after your game. Your team will be asked to set up field once/year.
- Winter affords us time to train our coaches. Ask the league about LIJSL D Course training. It helps!!

Assistant Coach

Welcome and thank you for also helping to develop our players. Please work closely with the coach as there are instances where the Head coach cannot continue coaching or the league expands so much that the Assistants are asked to head up a new and separate team.
- A great way to help the coach is to keep stopwatch on sidelines & try to ensure all players get equal playing time.
- Keep players on sidelines interested & ready to get in game when coach calls for them.

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