Travel Field Maintenance - (Fall)

(If we don't keep the fields clean it will jeopardize the leagues use of them in the future.)

*If there are any time changes that occur it is each coaches' responsibility to ensure set up and cleanup is correctly in place.

*U9 - U10 are at BMS on Saturdays. They will use Blue paint and play on a field "inside" the big Kreamer field

*U11 - U12 are at BMS on Saturdays. They will use Blue paint and play on a field "parallel" to the football field

*U13 are ALSO at BMS on Saturdays. They will play on the big Kreamer field. No PAINT needed, just corner flags.

Please also have someone reline and/or check the fields weekly, so that you can ensure the lines remain as a guide.

U9 and U10 Field at BMS played on Saturdays: Set up for this field requires repainting the lines in Blue and set up flags. Combination for the storage bin is 1,3,5,7. Clean up is putting flags.

U11 and U12 Field at BMS played on Saturdays: Set up is to repaint field lines in Blue and put up flags. Clean up is to put the flags away and clean up any garbage. Combination for the storage bin is 1,3,5,7.

U13 at BMS Big Fields: Set up requires setting up flags and clean up putting them away and checking for garbage.

Make sure all garbage is cleaned up after your game.

U14 and up play at Bellport High School on Sundays: Corner flags can be picked up at Jim OíNeillís house 5 Epson Course Brookhaven. Clean up is picking up garbage and returning flags.

pdfDownload Travel Field Maintenance Fall 2017 Schedule (PDF)

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