Division Two - Boys (Fall)

Arsenal: Coach: Tom Desmond | Assistant Coach: Justin Sherman | Team Parent: AnnaMaria Chojnacki

Barcelona: Coach: Anthony Maevsky | Assistant Coach: David Spitz | Team Parent: Nancy Dodge

Manchester United: Coach: Wes Scheller | Assistant Coach: Anthony La Scala | Team Parent: Kari Garfen

Real Madrid: Coach: Steven Moreno | Assistant Coach: Joe Mordente | Team Parent: Renee Delgado

Notes: All practices must be held at Verne Critz Elementary School. All Games are at the Verne Critz Elementary School as scheduled. Please remove all practice goals from field after use and clean up any trash.

pdfDownload Division 2 Boys Fall 2019 Schedule (PDF)

Field 1 - 10:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Barcelona Arsenal
9/15/2019 Arsenal Real Madrid
9/22/2019 Arsenal Manchester Utd
9/29/2019 Barcelona Arsenal
10/6/2019 Arsenal Real Madrid
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Arsenal Manchester Utd
11/3/2019 Barcelona Arsenal

Field 2 - 10:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Real Madrid Manchester Utd
9/15/2019 Manchester Utd Barcelona
9/22/2019 Barcelona Real Madrid
9/29/2019 Real Madrid Manchester Utd
10/6/2019 Manchester Utd Barcelona
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Barcelona Real Madrid
11/3/2019 Real Madrid Manchester Utd

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