Division One - Boys (Fall)

Bears: Coach: Ryan Crabtree | Assistant Coach: Chris James | Team Parent: Amy Beemer

Bulls: Coach: Jay Klein | Assistant Coach: Jason Goodman | Team Parent: Elise Klein

Eagles: Coach: Don Bennett | Assistant Coach: Michael Park | Team Parent: Liz Bell

Lions: Coach: Carrie Paulsen | Assistant Coach: Matt Wilkinson | Team Parent: Amy Licausi

Wolves: Coach: Sue Starzman | Assistant Coach: Kris Sullivan | Team Parent: Adrianna Otto

Tigers: Coach: David Gallacher | Assistant Coach: Dan De Los Santos | Team Parent: Allison De Los Santos

Jaguars: Coach: Peter Xenakis | Assistant Coach: Chad Beemiller | Team Parent: Elisa Lipsky

Dragons: Coach: Amy Price Thomas | Assistant Coach: Marisa Quagliariello | Team Parent: Tracy Kellerman

Notes: All practices must be held at Verne Critz Elementary School. All Games are at the Verne Critz Elementary School as scheduled. Please remove all practice goals from field after use and clean up any trash.

pdfDownload Division 1 Boys Fall 2019 Schedule (PDF)

Field 1 - 10:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Lions Bears
9/15/2019 Lions Bulls
9/22/2019 Lions Eagles
9/29/2019 Lions Wolves
10/6/2019 Lions Tigers
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Lions Jaguars
11/3/2019 Lions Dragons

Field 2 - 10:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Bulls Eagles
9/15/2019 Eagles Wolves
9/22/2019 Jaguars Wolves
9/29/2019 Jaguars Bears
10/6/2019 Bulls Bears
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Bulls Bears
11/3/2019 Bulls Jaguars

Field 1 - 11:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Wolves Tigers
9/15/2019 Jaguars Tigers
9/22/2019 Bears Tigers
9/29/2019 Bulls Tigers
10/6/2019 Eagles Jaguars
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Wolves Eagles
11/3/2019 Eagles Tigers

Field 2 - 11:00AM

Date Blue Team White Team
9/8/2019 Jaguars Dragons
9/15/2019 Bears Dragons
9/22/2019 Bulls Dragons
9/29/2019 Eagles Dragons
10/6/2019 Wolves Dragons
10/13/2019 No Games
Columbus W/E
10/20/2019 Tigers Dragons
11/3/2019 Wolves Bears

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